The Ultimate Protein & Iron hit

The Ultimate Protein & Iron hit

Telegraph review of biltong the ultimate protein hit

The Telegraphs Ultimate Craft Biltong Review:

The ultimate post-gym protein hit? British beef jerky and biltong, tried and tested

They have reviewed Premium British made “craft” beef jerky and biltong.

“Beef jerky and biltong has had a makeover, and is now the post-workout recovery snack of choice for carnivores.

Low in sugar and high in protein, British beef can increasingly be found bulking out gym bags across the UK, in lieu of carb-heavy, sugary treats.

Biltong hails from South Africa, while jerky is from America and is usually cut thinner, often smoked and dried in strips. Air-dried biltong is preserved with vinegar, salt and spices. It can be enjoyed rarer, and can contain more fat. Both keep well when sealed.

This is what they said about our biltong snack packets.

Dry, moreishly salty and reminiscent of roast beef or pepperoni, presented in strips rather than chunks, with a satisfying umami flavour. Another Great Taste award-winner.


You will have discovered that our biltong tastes even better cut freshly for you, so pop into the shop when a batch is ready. Watch our facebook page for updates or buy it in half kg quantities online in Sweet Chilli or Oupas Original .

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Telegraph Tried and Tested.