Seaview Village

Seaview Village

Seaview Village Map Isle of Wight

We have lived in Seaview Village for just over a year now. Its been so lovely to become part of the Nettlestone and Seaview Business Association. As a group of over 25 businesses we welcome all visitors to our community of independently owned shops, restaurants and hotels. Discover more at

Seaview village in the early 1800 was a few fishermans huts  and cottages surrounded by Manors and farms. The village was developed by the Caws family. The community grew rapidly in the 1850’s and became an established seaside resort during Queen Victorias reign. In 1890 the Sea View Yacht Club and Regatta were underway and Seaview was known as a holiday centre.

Today Seaview is still a popular sailing village full of second homes, many available to rent. This means the summer is wonderfully jolly and busy. The moorings are full of boats and families enjoy the sandy beaches and crabbing  on the rocks. The sea and its ships cast a spell over Seaview, flotillas and sail pasts on the Solent are a constant attraction.  The winters are delightfully quiet and you can enjoy the bird life and beaches by yourself.

Priory Bay is the Jewel in the Crown, a delightful secret bay to discover. The sweep of the wooded slopes to the beach is unsurpassed.  To walk there on an early morning under bright blue sky, with the forts appearing and disappearing in the haze, ghostly ships passing on the horizon, geese, ducks and swans flying overhead, cormorants and heron on the water is sheer magic.

Seaview is much the same as it was 150 years ago, the sea and sailing culture play a most important role and the Regatta has hardly changed in a century.

Look out for our New Seaview Leaflet with this map distributed all over the Island in April 2019.

Learn more from the book A Brief History: The Story of Seaview by Margaret Brandt which you can buy at Bookworm in the village.