oupas original

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Perfect portion snack packet of our best selling Oupas Original flavour, the Great Taste Gold Two Star award winning Biltong.

Oupa’s Original

Biltong £1.99
Sharing packet of Oupas Original Biltong

Oupas Original Sharing Packet of Biltong

Sharing Size Packs £5.00
Greeff's Beef Biltong Multi-Pack assorted. Similar to Beef Jerky.

Five Packets

Biltong, Biltong Multi £9.95
Greeff's Beef Biltong Oupas original flavour, our best seller.

Oupa’s Original 10 Packs

Biltong, Biltong 10 Pack £18.00
Greeff's beef biltong mixture of snack packets.

Two of Each

Biltong, Biltong 10 Pack £18.00
Half a KG of Oupas Original Beef Biltong

Half a KG Oupas Original Biltong

Half a KG of Biltong £20.00