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30g snack packet of Oak smoked biltong, sold in Selfridges for three years. We have updated the original recipe, tweaked the spices and smoke the whole sticks before slicing.

Oak Smoked

Biltong £1.99
Greeff's Beef Garlic Multi-Pack. Similar to Beef Jerky.

Garlic 10 Packs

Biltong, Biltong 10 Pack £18.00
Biltong Cake

Biltong & Droewors Cake

Biltong, Biltong & Droewors Cake £29.50
Greeff's Beef Biltong Garlic Flavour single pack.

Garlic Biltong

Biltong £1.99
Sharing packet of 130g Black Pepper Biltong
Greeff's Beef Biltong sweet chilli flavoured multi-pack.

Sweet Chilli 10 Packs

Biltong, Biltong 10 Pack £18.00