Greeff’s Boerewors made on the Isle of Wight

Greeff’s Boerewors made on the Isle of Wight

Greeff's Boerewors

We sell Greeff’s Boerewors from our shop in Seaview for £5 for 500g made here on the Isle of Wight.

We have always made boerewors for our own use by hand using a non electric hand mixer and non electric sausage maker from days in the Zimbabwean bush with no electricity.

When we opened our shop on the Isle of Wight lots of customers started asking us boerewors. So its now made it up fresh to our recipe using DW Jarvis electric sausage machine which is alot faster!  We keep it in our fridge for five days and then freeze it at -20 for a few weeks before making up the next batch. We try to keep it in stock but sometimes one customer can buy alot for a braai!

Boerewors is a type of sausage which originated in South Africa. Today every butcher in South Africa has their own recipes and many flavours.

It is a necessary part of any braai (barbeque).  The name is derived from the Afrikaans words boer which means farmer and wors which means sausage.

Nicks recipe contains Beef, Pork, Pork Fat, and his own spice mix including coriander seed, clove and nutmeg. There are no allergens and no rusk. The meat is not minced as finely as English pork sausages and is the Steak of the Sausage world! Do no overcook it, it needs to be pink and juicy.

We were delighted this week to be rung by a local English customer who wanted to take his South African supplier out to supper in Seaview for boerewors, so The Old Fort pub kindly offered to put it on as a special for just for him!