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Nick had learnt how to make biltong from an early age on his families ranch in Zimbabwe. Ever since childhood, its always been his favourite food. He started the Biltong businessin 2011. In 2018 he moved to Seaview, on the Isle of Wight. In his specially built production room behind the shop Nick creates a lean, medium dry biltong, ready sliced and delicious to eat. He uses only natural ingredients so you won’t find msg, nitrates, emulsifiers or colours.

This biltong has a soft, tasty chew of the spices and, when combined with the high quality beef, its not very salty. He used to love eating his biltong while on safari in Africa and now enjoys it on the Island everyday. Pop in to see where it made and try and packet or ask for it to be freshly cut to order.

Who We Are

We have won three Great Taste Awards and have Mary Portas to thank for our quirky label. We are very proud to have been sold in Selfridges Food Hall, London for three years.

Our snack packets are 30g each, equating to only 88.5 calories. We also sell sharing packets of 130g, and can cut any quantity fresh for you.
The Biltong is really high in protein: 59.4g per 100g the perfect amount of protein to digest at a time.

You can treat yourself to a packet a day  of our delicious biltong totally guilt free. It’s 100g of steak in a bag!

“IOW Oak Smoked Biltong has been an excellent addition to our Biltong category. This product has a great texture with a well balanced flavour.” – Adrian Boswell, Cheese & Deli Buyer, Food B&M, Selfridges

BBC Feature

We’re so pleased to have been featured on the BBC’s programme, James Martin “Home Comforts”.

The Owners of Greeff's Beef

Get an insight into the makers behind Greeff's Beef Biltong

Nick Greeff

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and grew up on my fathers cattle farm in Plumtree. This was where at my grandfathers knee I learnt how to make biltong the Greeff way. This same biltong is what was sold from The Tilbar Butchery – famous among the community. Growing up in the bush instilled a love of nature that grew so that my career choice was obvious. Training for the Zimbabwean Professional Safari Guides Licence takes many years, a lot of them grafted as an apprentice.

It was during my time at Spurwing Island that I met Sarah when she worked in Zimbabwe. She agreed to continue working within the safari industry and together we managed National Parks and Game ranches for 8 years before deciding to come back and live in her home on the Island in 2011. Since then we have been working hard to develop our own business. One of my favourite highlights was being filmed for James Martin Home Comforts on the BBC.

Sarah Greeff ne Harrison

Growing up on the Isle of Wight my first love was art and textiles, which I studied at college. In 1997 I applied to Voluntary Service Overseas who sent me as a Clothing Technology trainer to Zimbabwe and my joy of living in the bush was born. As safari manager my main job was running the camps which meant learning how to cater in difficult situations and produce top quality meals. In the Save Conservancy with a country in meltdown we had to turn to our own resources.

We could eat the game that Nick shot, and had huge vegetable gardens and several orchards which meant we spent a lot of time preserving food the old fashioned way. All these home made delicacies delighted our clients but the favourite snack was always Nicks biltong. Conditions in Zimbabwe continued  to be challenging and finally at the end of 2010 we decided to leave and come and make Nicks biltong here. My highlights have  been meeting Mary Portas and taking her advice and appearing live on The One Show with Matt and Alex the weekend we opened our shop in Seaview.

Nick and Sarah Greeff outside their Seaview Biltong Shop

See what our fantastic customers say about our biltong.

Jamie Lloyd
Jamie Lloyd – Health and Fitness

“I have chosen to endorse Greeff’s Beef Biltong because it provides high levels of protein useful for repairing muscle tissue after intense exercise – as well as offering plenty of flavour and no processed nasties! The Biltong contains little carbohydrate, so for anyone who wants fat loss then this is the ideal pre and post workout snack, plus it's great for building glycogen stores in the muscles and makes you feel fuller in between meals."

Adrian Boswell Selfridges Buyer
Adrian Boswell
Cheese & Deli Buyer, Food B&M, Selfridges

"IOW Oak Smoked Biltong has been an excellent addition to our Biltong category, this product has a great texture with a well balanced flavour"

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Elaine Withers

"We are huge fans of Greeff's Biltong. Geoffrey my wire haired fox terrier runs with me and we share a packet of Biltong when we get back - as it is an excellent protein source!!!"

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Paul Ridge
University of Southampton Students’ Union

“Isle Of Wight Biltong is the finest product of its kind on the market in the UK, and I say that as someone with family in South Africa.
The fact that it’s made locally on the island in the process is a bonus, but really it’s all about the taste. You simply won’t find a better biltong! Nick and Sarah are a pleasure to deal with: friendly yet professional and always ready to help.”

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Lunchbox, London

"All three of us agreed it was the most flavoursome and the best size for a healthy snack & to fit into our lunch boxes. We really admire your passion & knowledge for producing truly delicious snacks. Your biltong was very much enjoyed by us all in the kitchen and we will be sure to recommend you to anyone seeking out a meaty snack. "

David Griffiths Cricketer
David Griffiths

"A massive thanks to @IOWBiltong for their quick delivery today. All the lads loving it as normal @hantscricket"

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Stephen Davies

"The order (bought online) arrived very promptly and in the usual good condition."

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Rachel Arnup

"Love you Isle of Wight Biltong, I always grab some when I am on holiday on the Island. Garlic is my favourite!!"

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Rachel Whillock
Ringwood Brewery, Marstons

"Sweet Chilli biltong goes best with our Boondoogle, this was our favourite pairing. Air cured Sausage and Best Bitter was a match made in heaven - definitely a perfect pub snack to go with your favourite pint!"

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Rosalind Rathouse

"I was thrilled to find your biltong at our local health food store. Great to find a product free from artificial additives and preservatives and made just as it ought to be – vinegar, salt and seasonings".

The Garlic Farm Biltong made by Isle of Wight Biltong
Barnes, The Garlic Farm

“The Isle Of Wight has reputation for quality produce and we can now add air cured beef the list. Greef’s worked with us to create the best Biltong we have ever tasted. There is absolutely no chemical nastiness in their process at all and they added loads of garlic for us - perfect!"

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John Wells, shop customer

Just a quick note to say how much your biltong is being enjoyed by my colleagues and myself. I am so glad I took a friend's advice to pop into your shop on Sunday 9th June. The taste reminded me of my time in South Africa in 1994 and kicks into touch the other so called biltong previously brought in the UK. Keep up the great work! I will come back on my next visit to the island from the mainland.